Levenghyl Phoenix

Levenghyl Phoenix
(GBFTCH Drakeshead Vodka  – Levenghyl Okie Dokie )


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 Augenuntersuchung: frei 2021
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Das schreibt Tanja über Phoenix


"I picked up Phoenix in July 2018, on one of my usual dramatic England trips ...

Phoenix was 17 months old when he moved in. Phoenix adjust very quickly, having previously lived in kennel, but also learned to be in the house, which has made it so much easier for me. He couldn't do much when he came, so I immediately started training. He develops very promising, he is a really nice dog who takes everything with an exalted calm, but without being boring, he hunts are really good and persistent and he uses his head instead of his legs.

He does not have stress and is cool when working with other dogs, all in all, a wonderful young It seems like Phoenix pass on his good temper and on/off button, to his pups, owners report they are easy to train and very relaxed and friendly. Hips result on off spring is also very good, no bad hips.

Phoenix is for the time my hunting dog, cause he is the oldest in my pack and I need a not so trained dog when picking up. Maybe I run him in FT later, if my health can manege to train more dogs, but time will show. He is the best hunting companien one can wish, steady on driven birds, works hard after runners and do what he is told. "